Friday, April 3, 2020 | St. Croix County Fair, St. Croix County PRCA Rodeo, St. Croix County May Fair, St. Croix County Fairgrounds, Miscellaneous


While we understand this is a difficult and uncertain time, we are trying to stay positive and move forward with plans, for storage take-out. Over the next several days you will receive a call from out storage supervisor, Ben DeGross, requesting that you come and pick-up your stored item. At this time by request of St. Croix County Health Department, we are trying to facilitate storage removal by appointment, moving from the front of the buildings to the back of the buildings, prior to our initial storage take-out day.

We will continue monitoring the situation and we will update both Facebook and our Website with any changes to the initial plan. Again, at this time please plan to remove your Winter Storage item(s) by assigned times only. No late penalties will be assessed this year, until after May 16, 2020.